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Principal's Message
Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year at Totoket Valley Elementary School. TVES is a school recognized for exemplary school climate by the Connecticut Association of Schools, home to a Fulbright Global educator, and the home of an extremely dedicated, talented, and loving staff that always puts kids first! If you are familiar with our school you know that we are constantly reflecting on practice and data with the goal of continuous improvement, and if you are new to our school you will quickly learn this. As such we again have some changes planned for this year within scheduling, departmentalizing, and curriculum. Detailed information on all these changes will be communicated to families. This year I will also be looking to improve the way we engage families with our school around a model of how you support, monitor, and advocate for your child and how we use these efforts to create a meaningful two-way partnership where your input is sought and used.

Much of our focus this year will be on academic instruction in the workshop model for Math, Reader’s Workshop, Writer’s Workshop, integration of science with literacy and the Next Generation Science Standards with inquiry and phenomenon investigation focuses. We will also continue our focus on Community Days around Habits of Mind within the academic content areas. Our efforts will also continue around the Global Goals through Miss Thurston’s trip to India this summer and her associated blog. We have plans to expand student leadership, our Green Team, and student service learning as well. Our staff remains very hard at work this summer in preparation for next year with professional learning and planning with the Reader’s and Writer's Workshop Program through Teacher's College at Columbia. Collectively these efforts will help us maximize student engagement and success at TVES.

As always we will continue to commit to our deep responsibility to foster a love for learning, a safe and positive school climate, and a co-learning community that recognizes the student academically, socially, and emotionally. If you have not done so, we encourage you to reach out to us in the coming weeks/months through PTO, school/family opportunities, and as any other need may arise. Your feedback is listened to and appreciated throughout the year whether anecdotal or through surveys. We will continue to share results and data with you throughout the year so that you can be fully informed about how our school is doing and how we are meeting your needs. As always, please stop by or reach out at any time; I remain here to help. Your feedback, suggestions, ideas, and concerns are of great value to me so that you and your child continue to feel as positive about this school as all the staff and I do.

Thank you,

Carter Welch, Ed.D.
Back to School Night
Do not forget our annual Back to School Night at TVES, this year on Wednesday 9/4/19. Event begins at 5:00 PM with classroom presentations. At 5:30 all staff, family members and students will congregate for food trucks, picnic, and fun on the TVES playground. We hope to see you there and please refer to the letter dated 8/5/19 for more details.